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     Santa Ana, CA  92705

     (800) 577-3477

     (949) 361-4905

A Division of Associated Vacuum Services, Inc.

Coater Deposition Systems


Call for current pricing and availability of thermal vacuum gauges. (800) 577-3477



Model 100TC  


Ranges: 0-1999 (std)
Optional: 0.0 to 199.9 Microns or ubar, 0 to 29.9 inches Hg
0 to 760 Torr
0 to 100.0 psi
Optional tubes
Varian 531, Hastings Dv6 and Dv4, Frederics 2A
Can be ordered battery operated
Large LCD display
Also available with bright LED's as Model 100LED
Model 45  


Immune to Flashback!
Battery-Operated Benchtop Gauge 40+ hours battery life
Wide range version available soon
Great for neon sign processing
Also available as isolated filling gauge with .1 torr resolution!
Model 200P/100P  


Panel Mounted 1/8 Din for installation in equipment
Hundreds in use monitoring and controlling refrigeration evacuation, semiconductor manufacturing, vacuum coating etc.
Model 200P reads from Atmosphere to 1 micron!
Two Spdt Control Outputs, Recorder Output, and Serial Port!
Model 801, 801W, .DVG-6  

Bolt-in Replacements for Hastings and Varian Analog Gauges, Great for new OEM designs
New! 801W reads from Atmosphere to 1 micron!
Now available with control, linear / recorder output, and RS-232 output!
New! 801 Micro gauges measure 1" tall and 2" wide yet have full microprocessor power!
Model  200 Wide  Range,  440 Ultra Wide




Atmosphere to 1 micron using a low cost thermocouple gauge tube!
Microprocessor controlled
Model 440 reads Atmosphere to 10^-9
Also available for Convector, Edwards, AIM and other sensors
Optional tubes
Available RS-232 output (150+ feet), and as a controller
Optional LCD character display